On the occasion of former Prime Minister Shri Rajiv Gandhi’s memorial day, there was a heated discussion about Congress office-bearers and workers hitting matna…  — Regrettable and inefficient duty..


 Pradeep Ramteke

 Chief Editor

             The National Congress Party said that it is a sensitive and moral act to act in remembrance of an important day.

           On 21 May 1991 i.e. on this day former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi was assassinated by a bomb blast. Because of this, this day is a sad day for the people of India and for the office bearers and workers of the National Congress Party.

        Today, the country is observing former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi’s 32nd death anniversary in a traditional manner by offering tributes.

On the occasion of former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi’s memorial day, some office bearers of the Congress party organized a gathering of workers at the farm of Nandu Nagose in Khadsangi in Khadsangi-Masal Zilla Parishad examination under Chimur taluka and it also passed.

       However, it is being said that a strange sequence of events has taken place in this worker’s gathering. On the occasion of the memorial day of the former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi, who is the inspiration of the Congress party, there has been a heated discussion in Akhya Chimur taluka that the workers along with the office-bearers who were present at the worker’s meeting have beaten the meat of the goat.

        On the occasion of the commemoration day of late Rajiv Gandhi, the concerned people made public their unqualified loyalty by hitting the matna on the occasion of the workers meeting.

         Leaving aside the importance of the sad day of a leader of national and international stature, what can be said about the forgetful act of the party leaders and activists who are unconsciously beating on the mutton to provide the beaks of their own tongues?

         It can be seen from the photo of the program that former MLA of Gadchiroli Vidhan Sabha Constituency Dr. Namdev Usendi, youth activist Diwakar Nikure, former Zilla Parishad member Gajanan Butke and other officials were present in this program.