The Constitution is the supreme integral part of the citizen and the country!..  — Citizens of the country are safe only because of the constitution…  — The constitution is the citizen and the country! And citizen and country is constitution!…  — Those who speak against the constitution should be given legal action on time and many types of crimes should be filed against them by the government and administration.



 Pradeep Ramteke

 Chief Editor

          The Constitution is the basic law of the country, which outlines the powers and limitations of the government and the rights and duties of the citizens. The Constitution is an essential document that sets the framework for the governance of the country and acts as a safeguard against tyranny and abuse of power. Therefore, the Constitution is the supreme law of the citizens and of the country. Citizens of the country should remember that it is an integral part.


              Indian constitution is very important because it creates trust and harmony between the government and the citizens. It specifies the type of government for the country and how it should function. It is said from time to time.

            A constitution or a constitution is a set of basic ideals, principles or rules designed to govern a country. We must understand that these rules collectively determine the existence of a nation.

                The supremacy of the constitution is the rule of law and the principle of separation of powers. The other is the constitution of society, a set of unwritten and commonly understood rules for society through social contract before government is established.


                Ideally, a constitution is a set of principles or precedents by which a state is governed. A constitution is a set of rules and regulations that place the power of government in the hands of citizens in a democratic system.

Two major types of democracy are commonly considered as Sakshat (direct) and representative (indirect).

                 Different judges on the Kesavananda Bharti Bench gave examples of the “basic structure” of the Constitution, its supremacy. The federal and secular nature of the Constitution, the separation of powers between the legislature, the executive and the judiciary, the dignity of the individual, unity and other aspects.

Constitution Day is celebrated on 26th November because the Constitution was ratified in Parliament on 26th November 1949.

                Upholding the sanctity of the Constitution of India, which the makers of the Constitution painstakingly created to build the country, means practicing the constitutional values.

               The constitution contains the basic rights and authority of the citizens. In the preamble of the constitution, it is explained that freedom, equality, fraternity, justice, national unity and integration, secularism, socialism, democracy, republic, are to be established. It is true that it cannot come.

            The Constitution of India is the largest written constitution in the world. The constitution of India has been created by planting the seeds of the values of equality, fraternity, freedom and justice as well as wisdom, compassion and friendship in the constitution.

            The original constitution had 1 preamble, 8 schedules, 25 parts, and 395 articles. 101 amendments to the constitution have increased the number of articles (448) and schedules (12) and added 5 appendices. .

             The important point is that the constitution has given the rules of the country in the hands of the citizens by reining in the rulers. At the same time, the government cannot bring mace on the basic rights and rights of the citizens.

            Ideally, by highlighting the concept of a secular country, equality, fraternity, freedom and justice and character, absolute best quality, friendship have been given importance by the constitution and no support has been given to inequality, the liars and cunning leaders of some political parties and social organizations in the country are taking advantage of the ignorance of the citizens of the country. Activists are seen constantly speaking against the constitution, i.e. they are seen speaking against the Bahujan community, they are seen spreading hatred towards the constitution among the citizens of the Bahujan community, they are seen creating dissatisfaction with the constitution.

It is not hidden that such liar leaders and activists are only of Brahminist-Humanist ideology and they are working in wrong way for the benefit of few capitalists and upper castes excluding Bahujan society.

          However, as there is a constitution, the rights and rights of the citizens of the country are in abeyance. Therefore, the citizens of the Bahujan society should stop those who speak against the constitution in time through legal and other ideological means, and they should be settled.

           The great man Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar has written the constitution for the protection of the citizens of the country, for security, for a brighter future, for progress, for development, for the integrity of the country.

        Constitution means citizen and country! And citizens and the country is the constitution! This should be engraved in the minds of the citizens of the country.

            Ideally, if there is no constitution, the existence of the citizens of the country is zero! Therefore, the citizens of India should understand that giving the highest importance to the constitution..