Breaking News… — School boy commits suicide by hanging…


 Ramdas Thuse

 Special Divisional Representative

             The incident of a school boy from Mauja Belara in Chimur taluk has come to light by hanging himself with the help of a nylon rope at his home on Tuesday around four o’clock. The name of the school boy who committed suicide is Kumar Karan Maroti Gurnule (age 15 years).

              Kumar Karan was studying in Class IX at Jai Manav-Jai Lahari Vidyalaya, Madnapur, three km from Belara.

             Karan had no father. He is survived by his mother and a 19-year-old elder brother Vivek. On the day of the incident, elder brother Vivek and mother had gone to work in the forest. When they returned home at four o’clock, the door of the house was locked from inside.

           As there was no response when he raised his voice, Karan was seen hanged in the school uniform with a white shirt and saffron pants, and his mother and brother were shocked.

          The incident was reported to the police. The police rushed to the spot and conducted a panchnama and the body was brought to Upazila Hospital Chimur for post-mortem examination.

            On Tuesday, Karan was going to go to school with a schoolboy from the village some distance away. However, it is reported that Karan went home after asking his fellow students to go ahead. The reason for Kumar Karan’s suicide could not be known.

              Further investigation is being conducted by psi Bhishmaraj Sorate under the guidance of Thanedar Gabhane. Meanwhile, school teacher Bhaskar Bawankar visited and comforted the family.