There is no shortage of thinkers…..  — But India is a country without even “B” of ethics..

         “India in the 21st century will surely be at the forefront of the world’s technological progress. But there is a fear that the culture of the philosophers of the 20th century will hang on the world’s doorstep.

                Because leave the old generation with the rotten religious ideas of this country, but the young generation (25 to 45) learns and fulfills their essential needs, happiness needs, luxury needs by doing good or good salary jobs in companies, banks, private sector, even in the government sector (i.e. ) and overall lead a happy life in their mental circle.

                     But this young generation has nothing to do with the history of our country, its system, its social, political, economic and cultural environment. Those who have lost their common sense, have no ideological stance, and do not run their heads without selfishness. This young generation will build the country of tomorrow!

   In which direction is our country traveling?

   What could be the reason for this?

           Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar provided the facility of free and compulsory education to the children of the age of 6 to 14 years through the constitution, the main reason was that the brain of the child in this age is blank. This facility is made in the Constitution so that the ku or su rites he infuses into his empty brain are sustainable (scientifically and anthropologically) till the last breath of his life.

And so education policy is also necessary. In which the child’s rational intellect i.e. the power of conscience should be developed through science-based philosophy (not based on religious rituals or superstitions).

             In the last 75 years, we have never accepted such an education system in the last 75 years, our teachers and professors teach the history of this country and other social sciences only by parroting to get pass or marks, also the pledge, national anthem and motto of this country are said only by parroting. Sometimes the teachers do not convey its meaning, the history of its creation to the conscious mind of the students. Therefore, the youth generation that will build the country of tomorrow has become ideologically and psychologically confused in the 21st century.

         This “young generation” who believe that it is their duty to live life only by imitating the image created by the system and government here, the media here, succumbing to addictions and killing their own common sense forever. … “

In which there is no shortage of intellectuals but also “B” of moralists. This did not happen overnight, our older and now older educated generation is also responsible for this. The moral ideals of the then youth generation before and after the independence of the country in the 20th century (up to the age of 25 years) would have been preserved by the coming generation.

      Then this young generation would not have happened..!”

          But still time has not passed.

            Today’s youth generation of 2024 overcomes all kinds of crisis and invents its own intellectual wisdom forever, hanging religion and creed at the gates of the world.

         “Constitution of India should be understood as the national scripture for the progress of self, family, society, country, world as a whole, in order to make humanity a religion.”

         Otherwise, this young generation should live as a slave of this system without ever becoming a “man” by being addicted and one day should pay emotional tribute…….!!!


          Anant Kerbaji Bhavre

Constitutional Analyst, Aurangabad, Renapurkar 7875452689 ..

        (Foreword for Awareness)