If you (140 crore people) are a human being…   — and if it has a heart and that heart is awake…..   — There is a challenge to the conscience.

         In the last 70 years, all political parties and politicians have taken advantage of your differences in religious and caste dry egos, keeping you in the slavery of mental desperation and ruling you at the center and in the state by keeping you in a different atmosphere of fear together with the ruling party and the opposition till date.

         But, as a brick is softer than a stone, some of these political parties tried to take real care of you in front of you and try to get you out of trouble. However, the parties who are skilled in diplomacy immediately swept them aside and swept you back into the deluge of diplomacy.

       We all experienced this in the last 70 years. You can recognize this too. I don’t need to research…!

        But, in the last 10 years in the country and in all the states, these RSS-led governments have taken this politics to such an abyss, that the opinion of our intelligentsia is dumbed down and it does not work.

 “Poor people are only people after all. . . .

        But, these people will now have to wake up from the constitution and take over all the directions of the country…

     We proudly say that our democracy is the biggest and best in the world.

         But, there are some parameters to check whether there is democracy or not, how much percentage is left or not. Accordingly, we must check now.

       The first measure to check democracy is whether the last citizen of that democratic country got the essential needs, necessities of happiness, luxury and luxuries that the first citizen got.

          Did he then get ample opportunity to develop his (the last citizen’s) rational intellect to become Scientism + Rationalism = Humanist….?

And more importantly, has he got the right to protect his basic human rights at the individual and public level?

       Or did the system create the conditions to achieve it?

         If we measure our democracy according to the development of the above primary rights, we should check what the answers will be.

         Our Prime Minister went to democratic America and answered a question asked by a journalist saying, Ki Hamare DNA Mein Democracy Hai!

     Laughter grows….

         Because earlier in Manipur over 150 women of soldiers who were martyred in Kargil war were raped by a mob.

     After that Manipur keeps burning our whole year.Even our prime minister can’t even pay a simple visit to that state…..

        Despite the strong repercussions of this incident all over the world, our Prime Minister says Hamare DNA May!

        And today, going beyond that, using this diplomacy, political parties are fighting each other for power

 Dhiya has decided how he can bring his power by creating competition and assuming no importance to the people.

       Many attempts to revolt only for power took place in Maharashtra in 2022. Thrilling true stories about them reach us today. In this, the Mindhe group took MLA Nitin Deshmukh to Guwahati via Surat to blacken the political conspiracy (he was admitted to the government hospital due to a heart attack so as not to escape). Even though they spread fake news, they ran away from Guwahati and showed their loyalty with the party. Means the freedom of showing loyalty has not been kept in this country?) This Mindhe group did……..!

        In the last ten years in the country and in the state, the entire body of power went into such an abyss by violating human rights that the intellectual class was watching with their fingers in their mouths in amazement. The people could not do anything but watch.

     On the contrary, the people were enjoying themselves due to their ignorance.

In order to crush the justice movement of the farmers, the central government indirectly killed more than 750 farmers by ramming them with tractors. The perpetrators of this act have never been charged with murder.

       On the contrary, the government committed the grave sin of backing them.

     He also started the conspiracy to change the constitution of the country.

    It started with the creation of Central Vista.

      Endorsement of “Sengol” which is a symbol of piety…..

       Not inviting the President to the inauguration of the new Parliament building.

   (There are many incidents which cannot be mentioned here due to lack of time.)

         Even though the history of such human rights violations has happened in the whole country and state in the last ten years…….

 Anti-constitutional forces come to power for the third time.

    So only EVM could do this magic……!

      To keep the democracy alive, to protect the rights of the minority, some intelligent class with vision (senior advocates association of the Supreme Court and the public) united the sky by fighting the street and court battle against EVM from the beginning. attended. Even today they remain unanswered..!

       Even today, I have only one appeal to the same Election Commission, that in any five constituencies, elections should be conducted on ballot papers.

      The anti-constitutional power will not exist unless it is defeated.

      Where there was a state government of anti-constitutional power (on its own without taking any hump) it won 99% to 100% of the seats. (Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh) …!

       Although the government in Delhi is self-governing, the police administration and administrative departments there are under the jurisdiction of the Union Ministry of Home Affairs).

     Similarly, EVM did the job of giving the same votes to some candidates…..!

      What kind of real development work did the central government do in the last ten years….?

    What ideal work done in the world…?

    How much National and International Monetary Fund debt to the country was reduced……?

      How many previous thieves caught the thieves who looted the country and punished them…..?*

For one thing, even though the opponents were eliminated, why did the people not give answers to the questions asked by the opponents in Mann Ki Baat in ten years….?

      And yet this same anti-constitutional force threw the third gear of the nation’s power whose clutch and brake depend on the hump…

       Analysts and detractors have succeeded in creating the impression that…

         In reality, however, the picture is opposite. Like the final match of the World Cup cricket, the hope is alive for the team that is out of the competition depending on the defeat of others. Just like that…

    And the mentality of the people is not different from this….!

        Overall, the country found in such a state due to inflation and unemployment, violation of human rights, creating a gap between the rich and the poor, the country is once again traveling from freedom to slavery at the speed of Corona…..!

      If we want to slow down this momentum and stop it forever, without blaming anyone, without raising any doubts, but the generation between the ages of 25 and 40, beyond politics and caste religion, the youth (especially the Bahujan Samaj and the constitutionally aggressive followers of Ambedkar) selflessly engage in all kinds of selfless activities. It is necessary to dedicate oneself to the struggle and work till the last breath.

       For that, once again we have to work to meet the challenge of the crisis on humanity and the country….

       We will start it from 15th August 2024 only with the cooperation of our body, mind and money.

     In the end, even if the Mount Everest of public crisis is in front of us, the confidence to make a way out of it and take a leap on the neck of the crisis is the treasure given to us by the real Babasaheb and all philosophers and great men.

    If not now, when will you use it? 

A challenger and author of awareness 

     Anant kerbaji Bhavare 

 Constitution Analyst, Aurangabad, Renapurkar, 7875452689..