N.Under Global Human Rights Organization, there will be a brainstorming on important developments in Maharashtra state..

Diksha Lalita Devanand Karhade 

            News editor 

              N.Global Human Rights Organization is a defender of all kinds of human rights and Maharashtra state executive president of this organization Pradeep Ramteke is going to hold a confidential discussion with two important office bearers today.

            Maharashtra State Executive President Pradeep Ramteke will hold a detailed discussion on many issues today along with Maharashtra State Vice President Madhyam Manish Sawai, Maharashtra State Organizer Dilip Tandale.

           It has been indicated that there will be a discussion on the structure of the organization, work within the organization, activities within the organization, programs within the organization, meeting of Nagpur district officials under the organization, and exchange of views regarding the program to be held in Nagpur.