Rushi sahare



BRS Party National President and Honourbale Chief Minister Sri K Chandrasekhar Rao said that the Telangana and Maharashtra are maintaining ‘ Roti Beti’ bond and there is a resemblance between the people of two states, which maintains border of thousand kilometers, in keeping up social relations and cultural association from the beginning . It is a delightful moment that the BRS party is expanding across the country from the state of Maharashtra.

        CM KCR called upon the people of Maharashtra to lead the state on the path of progress with the same spirit Telangana developed and achieved targets in the welfare during the last nine years. Today, the Telangana state has become a role model for the country.

        Many prominent leaders from Solapur, Nagpur and other areas joined the party in the presence of CM KCR. The BRS Chief invited the leaders into the party by offering them a Pink Scarf.

       On this occasion, the Chief Minister said that ”The current politics in India is running after positions. Leaders are switching to other parties for posts and positions. People are closely watching the political developments in Maharashtra”.  

        The BRS Chief said that the country belongs to the youth. The youth should think towards bringing a qualitative change in the country. Development is possible only with a transformed India and the responsibility of mobilizing people’ support rests mainly on the youth. CM KCR called upon the youth to get inspiration from Bhagat Singh and Alluri Sitarama Raju and become partners in making people aware.

       Why India is still lagging behind other countries which are developing fast, the CM asserted everyone should think about the situation of the country. Appealed to all to discuss the current issues with their family members, relatives and friends in the villages and towns .

       The BRS Chief said that the rulers failed to utilize the natural resources for the last 75 years . China, which was a backward country, is doing wonders by achieving impressive growth in every sector. The rulers at the centre did not formulate good ideas to develop the country. In this situation, India would have to struggle to protect the country’s pride at international level.   

       The CM questioned how long we give mandate to the anti development forces and struggle for minimum facilities like drinking water, irrigation water and electricity.

          BRS in the form of development knocked your doorsteps. Open the doors, invite and support the BRS. Let us bring cheers in our lives by forming Kisan Sarkar. Let us see why progress is not possible in Maharashtra as it happened in Telangana,” CM KCR said.

        The Chief Minister reiterated that the BRS party, which is moving fast with the slogan of “ Ab Ki Bar Kisan Sarkar”, will expand across the country including Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh from Maharashtra. The CM appealed to people to visit Telangana and study the development taking place in every sector, mainly Irrigation . The government will make appropriate arrangements for the visit.

      The BRS Chief said that he had recently visited Solapur and will come again. Before his visit, Minister Harish Rao will come to make arrangements to take out a big rally and organize a mammoth public meeting in at least 50 acres of land. It is my responsibility for all round development including Solapur in Maharashtra. All of you here are like my children. BRS will assure you a great future. Give mandate to BRS and the party will take the reasonability of responsibility of shaping your lives.”

       Many developed countries are providing subsidies to the agricultural sector and it is regrettable that the India rulers opposed it. CM KCR reiterated that the BRS will protect the farming country with the slogan of “ Ab Ki Baar Kisan Sarkar”.  

        Meanwhile, Maharashtra leaders, who joined the party, said that Maharashtra is their biological mother and Telangana is a caring mother. The joinings of noted leaders and public representatives from Solapur and other areas assumed a political significance. On this occasion, the leaders presented a local Deity statue to the Chief Minister .

      More than three hundred people joined the BRS party from Solapur and Nagpur. Among them are – Nagesh Valyal (third time corporator of Solapur Municipal Corporation) Juganboy Ambewale (second time corporator), Santhosh Bhosle (corporator), Rajeshwari Chavan (former corporator), Jayant Holepatil (BJP Udyog Aghadi President), Sachin Sontakke (former BJP corporator), Bhaskar Margal. (Former Corporator) , Chetan Thumma, Ganesh, Arun, Naresh, Prem, Om, Bhaskar, Laxman, Nagesh, Nagaraj, Govardhan, Srinivas, Shyam, Shankar Thumma, Ramesh, Ajay, Rajesh, Ramesh, Ashok, Prakash, Rajaram etc. There are others.

From Nagpur Division..

  Raju Yerne, Sports Club Mender Nagarjun Mekala, Gopal Gorante, Prakash, Ramakrishna Prabhu, Sam Bhanu, Bhushan Kushe, Bhushan Madhukar Rao, Vasudev Mukti, Mahendra Thakur, Ranga Rao, Mamata, Bala Saheb Damodar, Ranga Rao, Rupesh Kumar Gawai, Raju Celebrities like Yearne and others joined the BRS party.

  The party joining program is coordinated by BRS senior leader and Minister T Harish Rao. MLAs- Balka Suman, A Jeevan Reddy, MLCs- Thakkellapally Ravinder Rao, Madhusudhana Chari, former minister S Venugopala Chari, former MLC Srinivas Reddy, Chairmen Ravinder Singh, Soma Bharat Kumar, party leaders Kalvakunta Vamsidhar Rao, Bandi Ramesh, Rakesh and others are present.