News webportals,” as a robust news paper, are beginning to take root in the public mind…  — A great revolution!…  — Let’s take the world famous example of India’s Newsclick web portal…

 Pradeep Ramteke

     Chief Editor

             As the editor-in-chief, editors and other news collectors and representatives of many news web portals are fearlessly working to collect news based on true events and incidents and publish news boldly through that news, “News web portals are starting to take root in the public mind of the world through social media.” And the fact that people attach great importance to the news of the news web portal has also been revealed.

             In the beginning, the news published on the news web portal was written down, the editors and representatives of the web portal were looked down upon, and this kind of thing happened to a large extent.

           But, after the world, the Government of India also made a big revolution to deliver the news of urban and rural areas to the people immediately through social media by giving official and administrative approval to the news web portal under the Act.

Today, news web portals have become the saviors of the people of India, this is the success story of news web portals and it has become the power of the people under the historical revolution.


 “Newsclick” webportal…

             It should be noted from the current “Newsclick” arrest case that the news webport (social media newsletter) is important in India and the world.

          As “Newsclick” web portal has become famous in the world through fearless news collection, it is seen that the eyes of the people of the world have turned to them.

          The Guardian wrote that “Newsclick” is one of the few surviving independent news organizations in India. It had been under investigation by the Enforcement Directorate since 2021, and on October 3, editor-in-chief Purkayastha was suspended from China for making billions of rupees in propaganda against India. Arrested under money laundering charges along with an employee.

            What will happen next in the “Newsclick” money laundering case will be known after the court verdict…



         At present, the chief editor, editor, executive editor, deputy editor, news collector representative of the news web portal are keeping a close eye on various topics and various events and are trying to solve the problems of the city and grassroots citizens through news, if not they end up in their efforts.

              And strives under various duties to maintain social balance. It cannot be denied that fulfilling the duty for social balance is their greatest task.