Neri’s reckless and high theft…  — The lock of his house was broken and 40 thousand rupees were taken.  — The police came and went, will they investigate after the complaint?

Pradeep Ramteke

         Chief Editor

            Stealing 100 rupees from a poor person’s house means disrupting their daily life. Thieves are not ashamed of their lives and minds, they go away with a wave of their hands.

         A similar type of theft has taken place in Ward No. 3 Mahatma Phule Nagar in Neri and an incident of unprovoked theft took place between 4:30 am today.

           Mrs. Lalita Devanand Karhade owns a small grocery store and the thief broke the lock of the grocery store room and entered and looted Rs 40,000 in that room.

        At the same time, the thief broke the window of the kitchen room and entered the meeting hall and while trying to take the chiller of merchandise, the box fell down from the thief’s hand.

          Due to this, Mrs. Lalita Devanand Karhade, who was sleeping in the hall, woke up and she raised her voice saying that her son was Ameet.

           As soon as the boy Amit raised his voice, the said thieves opened the main entrance of the house and broke it.

          Just yesterday, they had taken rupees from women’s self-help groups to make sweaters for the grocery store. A theft of 40 thousand from a poor person’s house is like a theft of 40 lakh rupees.

            But from the case of theft, it can be seen that the said thief is skilled in stealing.

          If the Chimur police starts the investigation in the theft case without wasting time, the thief can be caught in the net.