A teacher who wants to create and create.:- Umakant Bangadkar Adarsh Teacher Awardee Guruji ..  — The teacher must be constantly adept and sensitive…  — Educational guidance, must be read by all teachers, parents and students..


 Kamal Singh Yadav

 Taluka representative Parashivani



        The bond between the students who are learning and the teachers who help them in this process is lively. The teacher, while playing the role of an artist who makes pottery, wants to instill a beautiful image of good manners, moral values, and a positive outlook on the students.

              From that, the ideal citizens of tomorrow will be made and the future of the country will be decided.

                :: Every student has an independent brilliance, intelligence and attitude. The teacher should understand his inclination. The teacher should shape the personality of the students by spying on the manifest defects and hidden qualities, said the teacher Umakant Bangadkar Guruji who received the Adarsh Teacher Award.

                  The teachers have many complaints about the students. The children are rude, they remain unhygienic, absent, do not do their homework, riot, ignore the studies, to reduce this negative attitude towards the students, teachers need to do self-examination.

           There will be problems, however, it is necessary to try to root them with skills. For this, it is necessary to encourage the good qualities of the students by praising them, organizing various activities and implementing projects.

               In the education process, teachers and students are two important factors and they are constantly affecting each other. In the current age of information explosion, the responsibility on teachers is very big. It is time for students, parents and teachers to think together.

Because the society of tomorrow will be continuously learning. For this, the efficiency of the teacher is very important. To cultivate this culture through small and big actions of the teacher, the teacher needs a motherly heart.

              This reduces the pressure of children and makes learning enjoyable. The atmosphere in the classroom is motivating. The more effective, effective, knowledge-rich the teacher’s rhetoric is, the more useful it is for the students.

             Educators should see their mission as empowering students to meet the challenges of today and the problems of tomorrow.

             A teacher who consciously removes his own shortcomings can do his teaching work more effectively, interestingly and easily.

          A scholar means to know, one who knows a lot is a scholar. Whether a teacher is a scholar in other fields or not, he must be a scholar in the subject he wants to teach. He should keep his knowledge up-to-date by acquiring new knowledge according to his subject, adopting different educational materials and teaching his class with a cheerful mind. His students definitely listen to the expenses.

             The teacher must awaken the sparking of the inner powers in these budding buds. The teacher must be a reader. Must have his own library.

           This gives us the means to handle any issues that may arise at work. A teacher should always be reflective. Deep thinking is required to solve any problem. The teacher needs to discuss. The problems of misbehavior and indiscipline of students should be solved in team rather than alone.

In order to know the minds of others, a new technique of dealing with problems can be acquired. Teachers should have the habit of keeping records of their problems and difficulties. Teachers can present their problems through their writings, street plays, one-act plays, stories, songs, poems, articles. This will show the intensity of their thoughts to others. It is understood, it is discussed and the way through the maze of problems is found.

            Today’s age is the age of computers. The power behind any new change and transition is the source of effective education in information and technology. Instead of producing examinees from our schools, every school should become a veritable laboratory to produce true knowledge-seeking, conscientious experimenters.

             Teachers should do their work skillfully, cheerfully, without fail, on time and in accordance with the rules. Every teacher should adopt new teaching techniques and bring ease to the subject from the role of intellectual power. Explain the relation of that subject to real life and education is life education in the true sense. should be made

            While teaching, teachers sometimes impose their personal views on students while talking about the political situation and sometimes make statements that shock the students’ faith and feelings while presenting topics like elimination of superstitions.

              Many times, many negative thoughts about the society are presented while clarifying the subjects. As the society has become very bad, nowadays it is not possible to live by telling the truth, earlier the world was good, but in the current Kali Yuga, there is no morality.

             Some degree of such a feeling may come from the society but therefore it is not true. So it is better to avoid such statements. It has a deep effect on the cultured mind of the children. A distorted way of thinking takes root in the mind.

Therefore, making such statements in the classroom should be strictly avoided. The positivity and optimism in the teacher’s thinking gives the children the strength to live. If they want to overcome the future crises, the teacher should first have the hope of self-improvement and greatness.

            There should be a fierce optimism towards life. You need the courage to face the harsh reality. You need a vow of your own.

              As Sane Guruji, who is always fond of children, says, He who teaches children to get wet in the rain, to be friends with the sky, is a true teacher. Otherwise, the students get mathematical formulas but do not understand the logic behind them. Then in life, he pursues inconsistencies. Students learn poetry but the beauty of it does not reach them. .

           They experiment with science, but the scientific loyalty behind it does not take root. Therefore, teachers are basically sensitive. Only if teachers take care that the image of their society will not be damaged, even a hint of their pleasure and humiliation will not be reflected in the premises of education, then the sacred work of imparting knowledge will be carried out with the same zeal and passion.

I completed the school diploma course required for principals. At that time I did an action research. His topic was ‘Apathy of parents in teacher-parent meeting, search for reasons and solutions’. Some experiments were also done on this. They were successful, many observations were recorded.

           Teachers and parents are two sides of the same coin. If there is no coordination between them, they blame each other as time goes by. Sometimes students go home and tell lies about teachers. This leads to misunderstandings. Here it is found that students are taking advantage of the lack of coordination between teachers and parents. Parents should have regular contact with the school. Both should look for raw links between students and try to eliminate them from the discussion.

            Teacher Umakant Bangadkar Guruji, who received the Adarsh Teacher Award, expressed the clear idea that tomorrow’s generation and the pillars of the nation will be formed only through the coordination of parents and teachers.