No matter what the outcome is today, we don’t want to be overwhelmed by the crisis…

             I don’t want to celebrate some victory because I won…

        Ab ki bar 400 parcha slogan EVM was successful for RSS and Modi-Shah, or put them in power with a clear majority, or put them in power by horse-trading with hooves……….

             So to bring out the country loving, constitutional people but the country going into the slavery of diplomacy, democracy, constitution from ICU………….

          In order to dedicate yourself wholeheartedly with body, mind and money, you have to be prepared to go on the road on occasion…..

          And even if the India Alliance gets a clear majority, or even if they manage to form a government with a hump…….

          However, without letting us (constitutional loyal common people) down, without celebrating the Victory Festival Gulal, the mistakes made by Congress in the last 45 years, which increased the power of anti-constitutional forces like RSS and BJP. This will be our next duty…..

   For that, from June 5, 2024 only in the Amrit Jubilee year of Constitution Day, the journey from slavery to freedom has ended, now the journey from freedom to slavery (based on Manusmriti) has started at the speed of Corona……..

      We have to work with this understanding.

          For that, let us preserve our wealth only, no matter how big and how terrible the crisis comes or this system brings, our science, rationalism, humanism, which are based on the law of nature. Such a……


        We must never allow our mind to become hardened.

 oh lonely

  Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar, on the strength of his humanist scholarship, by beating these humanist opponents, “brought about the constitutional revolution,…..

        We are their children, we have that genetic trait in our blood…

        All of us together, even if it is a small part of Babasaheb’s brain, are many….

       So we have to be mentally and physically prepared for it selflessly, sacrifice, struggle, dedication….


           Anant kerbaji Bhavare 

         Constitution Analyst, Aurangabad, Renapurkar, 7875452689