Former Union Minister of State Vilas Muttemwar and the then President and Prime Minister in Chimur Nagar.  — Sensitive memory of N.Vijaybhau Vadettiwar..  — Congress officials along with Dr. Satish Warjukar started working…  — Gad will win?


 Pradeep Ramteke

 Chief Editor

            Chimur Vidhan Sabha Constituency is one of the most famous in the country along with Maharashtra State. It is difficult to predict when this constituency will support someone and when it will open up someone’s fortune.

             However, Congress Party’s OBC Cell Maharashtra State Vice President, Chimur Vidhan Sabha Constituency Coordinator and Chandrapur Zilla Parishad Ex-Chairman Dr. Satish Warjukar along with party office bearers and workers under Chimur and Nagbhid talukas has spontaneously started the work of strengthening the party and solving the problems of the citizens under Chimur Vidhan Sabha Constituency. .


 Former  M. P. Vilasrao Muttemwar

              Senior Congress leader and former Union Minister of State for New and Renewable Energy Vilasrao Muttemwar (independent charge) brought the then President of the country Shankar Dayal Sharma and Prime Minister PV Narasimha Rao to Chimur city while leading the Chimur Lok Sabha Constituency thrice.

              The then President Shankar Dayal Sharma and Prime Minister PV Narasimha Rao paid homage to the national saint Tukdoji Maharaj and the martyrs of Chimur and brought the name of Chimur into the limelight for the second time in the country.

             Even today it is seen that former MP Vilasrao Muttemwar may not have realized that the voters of Chimur Lok Sabha Constituency have pushed Chimur Lok Sabha Constituency back while they are struggling for development within Chimur Lok Sabha Constituency.


 Opposition Leader N.Vijaybhau Wadettiwar

          Along with this, Maharashtra Assembly Opposition Leader N.Vijaybhau Wadettiwar also led the Chimur Assembly Constituency three times and accelerated the development works under Chimur Constituency and during many development works, villages in Chimur Constituency were connected by roads and made important arrangements for the communication of the citizens in the rural areas.

            At the same time, it cannot be forgotten that at the administrative and personal level, the citizens of Chimur Assembly Constituency have been cooperated and solved their many problems without discrimination.


Former MLA Dr. Avinash Warjukar

          Former MLA and Mining Development Corporation President Dr. Avinash Warjukar was given an opportunity by the citizens of Chimur Vidhan Sabha constituency to represent the Maharashtra Vidhan Sabha.

         It cannot be denied that he also paid special attention to the development works in Chimur Assembly Constituency during both his tenures.

         During that time when the funds were less, the frequent attention of the Maharashtra government towards his work in Chimur Assembly Constituency cannot be overlooked.


Dr. Satish Warjukar, former president of Chandrapur Zilla Parishad

               Dr. Satish Warjukar, former president of Chandrapur Zilla Parishad and former leader of the opposition party, had a powerful working method in Zilla Parishad.

While working as the President of Chandrapur Zilla Parishad, he was adept at attracting funds from various ministries of the Government of Maharashtra, from various development corporations, from various development schemes of the government to speed up development works in Chandrapur district.

         Ideally, without neglecting their own party workers, they would compulsorily remove their office work. At the same time, the office work of others was removed from sensitive duties.


              It cannot be forgotten that there are differences between each other at the personal level when it comes to politics and social causes. However, the elderly people of the village say while discussing on the chowpatty that if you keep aside the malice, you can seize the opportunity. Realizing that the path to success is close to oneself.

                There are indications that Dr. Satish Warjukar is getting an opportunity to lead the Chimur Assembly Constituency. If not, the precious moment of Maharashtra Assembly membership and people’s representation is approaching.

            As Dr. Satish Warjukar is a sensitive and dynamic leader, he has started working in Chimur Assembly Constituency along with his office bearers and workers.

          Their punctuality should not be lost while working conscientiously under public welfare activities and other programmes.