Democracy under the Indian Constitution wilted in just 75 years due to artificial drought before it could sprout.

          “Even if we (140 crore people) are soaked in material happiness today in the year 2024, it is only a waste of time. Because we should never become rational by discriminating between true and false. For this, the worthless rulers and bureaucracy here have used the constitution and democracy only for selfish purposes. Never became civilized in the last 75 years.

                 We didn’t understand that education is the means of becoming a human being. We used education only to cheat others and become rich ourselves or in a very Yenken way to satisfy our own essential needs, happiness and luxury needs by making our family rich with money.

           But, if we had asked ourselves the questions and found the answers according to our own understanding, surely we would have started to become rational.

            If we had looked outside our religion, we would surely have seen humanity religion…..!

              But, we are going to be the ones drowning in the sea of debt, drifting in the current created by this system.

          What percentage of the people or what percentage of the working class in this country are still waiting for their salary on the 1st day like Chatka, even though they are paid lakhs of rupees!

     Why is this happening?

          This situation is getting worse day by day. Earlier teachers, junior professors used to get salary of 1800/- to 2100/- per month (between 1985 – 88). But, he used to dedicate himself to making students at that time. Today, despite being paid lakhs of rupees, student-related teacher Prof. They are not even respected. Why is that…?

          Because we have neglected morals, even though we are materially comfortable today, we have not been able to produce cultured students. We must accept this bitter truth.

          Similarly, we have failed to understand true democracy and constitution because leaders of all political parties are taking advantage of our miserable condition to create differences among us on the strength of dry egoistic religious superstitions only for opinion politics.

           He created a misconception among us that democracy is only for elections and constitution is only for reservation. Therefore, democracy and the constitution have not taken root among the people. This is the reality.

              Freedom, equality, justice and fraternity are the values of democracy. The constitution was created to invent it.

         But, we have spent the last 75 years in disagreement with each other. By taking the advantage of this difference diplomatically, Modi-Shah and RSS have tried to build the country into an anti-humanitarian, Manusmriti, again on the promise of revolution. In that they are seeing success in the slogan of Ab Ki Bar 400 Par.!!!

         In the country where world leader has been protesting for years for his right to justice. 750 farmers are martyred for that.

           In Manipur, a country where a community of 150 people strip naked the half-wife of a soldier who died in the Kargil war…..!

           The Supreme Court Lawyers Association and the people of the country take to the streets against EVMs to prevent EVMs from taking away the “right to vote” which is the highest of fundamental rights. A court battle is also fought….!

            The Supreme Court takes the role of observer. Godi media is happy to hail Modi. Modi is desperately trying to create dictatorship from capitalism in the name of democracy……!

       15 lakhs in 2014 but did not get even 15,000/-, every family……!

         Modi’s promise of a firm home in 2019 has vanished into thin air…

      2 crore jobs disappear into thin air every year.

        The price of gas, diesel, petrol has skyrocketed. Gas subsidy is 3 rupees 26 paise deposited in the account. Nowadays beggars don’t take 5 rupees..

      What good things have been done in the last 10 years so that a Prime Minister will make a hat trick.! …

        When almost the entire general public (75%) is against Modi Shah and BJP, how can the slogan of Ab Ki Baar 400 Par be successful….?

        The most important reason is that Prime Minister Modi can’t even pay a simple visit there when Manipur is burning all year long, that’s all….

           That’s why former US President Barack Obama’s remarks in the Manipur case are important. He says, “This will break India.”

         It will not start, even if there is a contrary situation, if the slogan of Abaki Bar 400 (even if it is above 350) is almost successfully shown by the Chief Election Commission.


        In the end, I say only one thing to the constitutionalist, democratic and especially aggressive Ambedkarist people, forget their differences and take the Bahujans with them, these elections are not acceptable to us. The only solution would be to take to the streets to force elections on ballot paper once again.

         I am going to start it because I will not let Babasaheb’s struggle for the constitution go to waste.

      I am ready to serve whatever jail term it takes… 



         Anant kerbaji Bhavare

  Constitution Analyst, Aurangabad, Renapurkar, 7875452689…