Development?  — Opponents and those who speak against are not necessarily evil spirits or enemies.  — Who should protect the moral values of the duty? What will the public representatives say?


 Pradeep Ramteke

 Chief Editor

          There is no telling when words will be thrown to make yourself bigger. At the same time, there is no telling how the individuality struggling to maintain its own existence will keep the citizens wrapped up in many tasks.

             For proper duties and roles opposing journalists, voters, party rivals and social responsibility, successful and unsuccessful people and public representatives from all sectors (Private-MLAs-Municipal servants-GP members-PS members, Gram Panchayat members and other voters) Appointed Members.) It is an eternal truth that one cannot conduct one’s best course of duty or succeed in one’s purpose without fear.

          However, public servants who think that journalists, voters, party rivals, social responsibility who speak against and oppose for the right and good duty are evil-minded or create enmity are not justified towards their own duty.

          That is why a civil servant who gives his word means a representative of the people, unless he keeps his word, civilized culture does not shine and cannot become the basis of a civilized society.

              Secondly, the official responsibility of officers and employees is honesty. It is mandatory for them to always add courage and purposeful actions to their position. Apart from this, it is equally true that officers and employees cannot become responsible to themselves and play a just role for the common citizens like the people’s representatives.  

People’s representatives, officers, employees are the main parts of the security and development of the citizens under the democratic system. Therefore, they should become the basis of the citizens and perform their duties under the decent and Sanskritic obligations and change the miserable condition of the society into “direction-progress-strength-understanding and duty”. What’s more, it is clear that it is their constitutional duty to do their duty to eliminate all kinds of differences and discrimination in the country.

               People’s representatives, officials and employees should understand that servants and public servants are not slaves, but as drivers, they are an important element of the country’s interest and people’s interest according to the establishment of a democratic republic.

              Ideally, they should remove from their mind the contradiction that there are servants and public servants to carry out works of crores of rupees under various schemes and they should also remove the pearl from their minds that doing work means development.

It cannot be denied that the rate of development of the country depends on the economic, educational, industrial, small scale industrial, social and political participation of all the citizens of the country and the advancement of the country.

             While this is the case, what is the importance of the bombardment of these political people, whose work is the development of the country?

              In the country of India, citizens who sleep in the open, citizens who beg for alms, citizens who are fasting, citizens who wander in the forest for work, citizens who live in huts, problematic citizens who ask for a place for shelter (house construction), unemployed people who struggle for employment, discouraged farmers who demand fair prices for agricultural products, encroachers and If you look at the faces of the poor citizens who are demanding ownership rights, the innocent poor who are struggling for the future of their children, “The miserable and critical condition of Indian citizens paints a terrible picture of inequality and poverty in India.

          Then you tell me, if the sovereign development of the citizens of the country is not being done, is there any sense and power in singing the songs of the development of the work every day and playing the tune every day?