Scientist great saint Shiromani Tukaram Maharaj!.. “Anandche Dohi Anand Tarang. “Anandachi Ghar Anandache..”

            As soon as the above beautiful and emotional lines fall on the ear, the simple and naive form of Sant Shiromani Tukaram Maharaj stands before the eyes. And the true meaning of life is told in simple and easy language.

           The light cast on his life on the day of his birth. How much has been written about Sant Tukaram is less.

           Sant Tukaram Maharaj was a great saint. He was a great philosopher. He was a great ideological and scientific poet.

          Although they did not know the culture of letters, the culture of agriculture was stored in every pulse of their being.

            He used to tell the best philosophy about life in simple language that the listeners could understand. He used to bring down the throats of the society by giving examples, parables, metaphors, examples, symbols and images from the cultural life. His philosophy was the philosophy of living a happy life. And especially it is applicable to the society in any time. Not only this, but he did his best for all sections of the society

            Awareness has been created. If everyone in the society wants to find success in life, if they want to change their lives, it will not come automatically, they have to do it. And where there is hardship, there is definitely fruit. Understanding this in a very simple language, he says in his Abhanga, “Impossible to achievement. Karuni prayas. Kariti prayas. Tuka saye”.

           They open someone’s ears to please them. They point out their faults. They speak harshly to avoid repeating mistakes and show gratitude.

They say….

     What I have said is for your benefit. Promise to forgive.

Don’t wait and wait. Too many lives should be destroyed.

Nimb gave Rogtutaya Antri. Pobhalita vari chere inside.

You say the interests of the good and the wise.

Saint Tukaram Maharaj is extraordinary in nature

         There was love. Since he was from a farmer’s family, he saw the life struggle of farmers closely. Because he is the world’s treasure. He does not slack off in the performance of his duty. Because he knows that if we fail in our work, the whole world will starve.

So they say,

Sowing Zacunia in the ground. Love the voice of Kunbia.

If a person dies in a farmer’s house, he is a great farmer who keeps the mud at home and sows it. He makes such a big sacrifice for the world. Saint Tukaram has also attacked the superstitions, superstitions and vows that are going on in the society. The society has been made aware of the truth by inculcating this scientific thought on the mind of the society.

They say…

Navse was a daughter. Why do you have to do it, husband?

Not only this, but he has convinced the importance of education at that time. Today, due to the epidemic, education is in crisis. Hence the triangle of education does not seem to converge.

          Education is the light of knowledge. It is the path of development. But without labor there is no fruit. Saint Tukobarai says about this…

         He labored with letters. The fruit came. He gave such a humanistic, egalitarian and friendly message to the world. Telling the way to a happy and successful life for all common minds, he says,

Pure bijapoti. Juicy juicy fruits.

Mukhi Amrita’s voice. Because the body should be removed.

All-round pure mind like Ganga water.

You say caste. Rest in the face of fever.

            It is special that Shiv Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj used to be present to listen to the kirtan of such a philosopher, great saint Tukobaraya who was blessed with Godvani.

         The Abhanga line of Sant Tukaram Maharaj used to be mentioned on the front page of Hymuknayakahn.

What will the Dharuniya crowd do now?

So Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar said Nishank.

No, no one in the world knows about Mukiya.

Interest not Sarthak Lajon.

So finally, on this day of birth, this is all I want to say about this great Mahatma.

“Tell me how much

how much is my tuka

Swayamdeep was born

You are the sky.



     Baburao Paikrao


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