Such politics?  — and all tame?…



 Pradeep Ramteke

 Chief Editor

            The purpose of the Indian Constitution is clear that politics should be the center of advancement of citizens of all social groups without any discrimination and under this the country will be able to be sovereign.

           However, in recent times, the politicians of India have developed a mentality that crushes the people and doing everything for the party’s interest seems to be their karmic yoga.

            The definition of politics is to maintain the vision of equality intact and to inculcate equal fraternity in the minds of citizens of all sections of society.

              While creating an optimistic society, it is the ultimate responsibility of the politicians to make the citizens of that society economically self-reliant and ideologically self-respecting.

           At the same time, the citizens-students of all communities are elected as representatives of the people in the form of MPs and MLAs through the Lok Sabha and Vidhan Sabha general elections so that the rulers should remain sensitive so that the citizens-students do not remain educationally and administratively backward and industrially backward.

            However, the politicians have now started the opposite game. If they want to become private and MLAs, the main part of their work is that the citizens of the society should be taught the habit of helplessness and through the habit of helplessness, they should always be subjugated for votes.

         That’s why while giving financial and other kind of help, pictures are regularly taken with the concerned needy person and the next day it is reported in the newspaper that they have helped and the helpers have a lot of pride in it.

If the aim of the politicians who create a helpless society under aid is to become an MP or MLA rather than creating a self-respecting and self-reliant society, then it cannot be denied that the germ of corruption has already entered the heads of such persons.

              After becoming MLAs and MPs, the MPs in the Lok Sabha and the MLAs in the Legislative Assembly, will they tell the public with the date how many issues they have raised regarding the economic, educational, social, industrial, administrative and political upliftment and participation of the entire society? This is the real key issue. It is equally true that he will not comment at all, because he is sure that he would not have raised such balanced issues in Lok Sabha and Vidhan Sabha.

              But it is equally true that the leaders who are oblivious to the fact that the lives and futures of the gullible electorate are forever crushed under an inappropriate political system can never create a self-respecting and self-reliant society.

            The true form of power is that central power and state power should be used for the upliftment and security of Indian citizens.

However, rather than the government targeting the people for public interest, it is seen in the country of India that citizens are targeting the government under the ideology of the party that has the government.

        If the leaders of the regional parties and the national party are working and working according to the purpose of racism, religion, casteism, it is clear that they are not working and working for the country of India and the citizens of India.

         Since such leaders and the politics of those leaders keep the citizens of the country enmeshed in their one or the other purpose, it is seen that their political journey is only for the undeveloped target of the citizens, and there is nothing else left in their political journey.

              If the politicians of the country who enjoyed the power and were in power had performed all kinds of roles and performed their duties under the Indian constitution, the citizens of India would have been seen to be prosperous and happy by now. Ideally, they would not have been trapped in the framework of caste and religion.

           If this type of dirty and trivial politics is done to keep the citizens of the country dependent always, are these leaders made to create a helpless and destitute society?

           Creating a helpless electorate within a weak society and strengthening the system that exploits that society by drawing a picture of a destitute society is what makes a living society a dead society.

         If the horrible reality of such work is being done to subjugate the voters, should we think that the citizens of all social groups are ideologically numb and physically crippled?

        That is why the politicians of India do dirty and trivial politics for votes and swallow the self-esteem and self-reliance of the entire society.