Sir!, have we sinned by taking birth in the nomadic category?

         Rohan Adewar

Assistant District Representative


        We are Gosvi Aho Saheb!, it has been 30-35 years since we came to this masala village. There is no land, no birth, death record, no Kotwali proof, only ration card, voting card, Aadhaar card.

        Father didn’t learn, Aja didn’t learn, Panja didn’t learn, then where will we get the proof of education? We study in school, Gosavi is written on our TC, house above 700 in our village belongs to our Gosavi community.

        However, no one has paper, sir. Children do not understand how to teach.” Sir, no government scheme has benefited till date.

        I have two daughters. Ms.Muskan Chaingir Rathod age 18 years in 12th science.Ms.Khushbu Chaingiri Rathod age 16 years 11th science,my father Mr.Chaingiri Rathod 42 years no grandfather Mr.Devagir Rathod 60 years no Great grandfather deceased Mr. Totram Rathod 78 years no education.

       We have Ration Card, Aadhaar Card, PEN Card, House Tax Receipt, No Kotwal copy, Revenue proof is not old, no one’s birth certificate, where father, grandmother, Panja was born is not known.

Living in Masala village since 35 years.We are known as Gosavi.Society organization is Gosavi.Marriage takes place in Gosavi community.Marriage rituals are same in community.Poojan is done in every Gosavi in our village.

        However, he refused to give me the caste certificate as the person giving the caste certificate says that you are a Gosavi, bring proof of 1961.

         Legitimacy of caste is difficult G. So have we sinned by being born in Hindu Gosavi society? Tell us why we belong to this country? Tell us what planet we came from? If not, tell us what caste we belong to. If you understand from DNA, then do it sir!

        But give us caste certificate for education and schemes. If not, tell us what is the punishment for being born in this society?

      All this Gosavi society spoke in such harsh language.

          Asking for papers even when it is clear that we are vagabonds is not oppression against us sir…..

        Seeing this scene in Masala village of Selu taluk of Wardha district and commenting how the whole mind was moved. How will this question be resolved, Moka does not accept the inquiry report, the online application is not submitted because there is no paper, the overall picture is that getting the caste certificate of the nomadic tribe has become a big circus.