Misguided society needs to be warned in time…  — They started ruining the future of society along with themselves..  — Flashy and mean leadership is directionless and unfortunately…



 Pradeep Ramteke

 Chief Editor

        A society that is subjected to injustice is expected to be exploited. Since injustice and exploitation have become a part of the power system, a mentality that often strikes the majority of the society has come forward.

             It is necessary to make successful efforts at all levels to prevent this mentality. However, the situation of those who come forward and do the right thing today has become difficult and miserable due to the continuous affordability causing financial crisis.

          Due to this, the political leadership in urban and rural areas started to change direction and function and became the main reasons for keeping the society astray along with itself.

             That is to say, “The movement of the party workers has changed into hypocrisy, and even they have become beyond knowing when their minds have turned towards evil by the definition of temptation and greed.”

             The mind, enmeshed in the web of temptation and greed, has now failed to perform its vital function of saving itself and its own society.

         Political and social leadership of all ages in urban and rural areas does not struggle to maintain the identity and existence of the society with itself and does not prove the ideological working capacity to live with self-respect, the leadership is dead.

         By drinking Ambil, eating Ghata-Dhasal-Bhakar-Chatni and fasting on occasion, the society was always alert and vigilant, struggling for identity and survival.

         However, the entire society has started consuming all kinds of vital food and has started to forget the great men and saints who are constantly working for public welfare, fighting for their rights and rights. Ideally, their misfortune is nothing other than losing their own self-respect, their own identity and their own existence.

A conscious and alert society never prostrates itself before capitalist and exploitative systems or individuals under various programs.

            Now a society of entertainment mentality is being created in the name of cultural program and an ideological captive society is being created in the name of faith.

            The picture in the society is coming forward that the citizens, young women, women of the entertainment and ideological captive society are losing their intellectual ability to think rationally. At the same time, the leadership in the political field is denying the interest of the society, so such leadership has become dangerous for the whole society.

         Do bright leaders know when those who put on shiny clothes of iron and flaunt their leadership in front of ignorant citizens have denied their own existence?

             Now, as only the back-and-forth Chamkogiri leader system remains, such Chamkogiri leaders do not do anything for the welfare of the society in politics and in power.

The existence of the whole society is getting threatened as the society is being forgotten by the stupid and mean leadership.

           Until and unless the honest leadership fighting for equality-freedom-fraternity is united and strong in the political and social spheres, OBCs, SCs, STs, Minorities, Special Backward Classes and Unliberated Nomadic Castes-Tribes will not get the necessary welfare.

           If directionless and misguided people are conducting political and social leadership and such leadership is being carried out by the citizens of all societies in the name of “party and caste”, it should be noted that this is a lack of ideological capacity among the citizens and youth of that society. Unfortunately, it has to be understood that such Society has gone back 50 years and is disoriented.

              If nothing has been done for the benefit, welfare, rights and protection of the citizens of the Bahujan society, if the citizens of the Bahujan society, youths, young women, women are the force behind them, then they are full of terrible ignorance and they are unintelligent.

            It is necessary to warn the ignorant and unintelligent citizens, youths, young women, women, and take them out of ignorance. But, who will do such an important task?

               If the wandering leadership is not worthy of taking care of itself, what good will it do to its own society? And what will it save its own society?