“Will historical experts and rulers pay attention to the brutal caste system in India to the case of frequent murders under tradition…?


 Pradeep Ramteke

 Chief Editor

         It is clear after many murder cases in India that there is a lot of caste discrimination under the caste system in the name of religion and the traditional system of injustice, exploitation and oppression continues under caste discrimination.

         The cases of murder in the country in the name of caste and religion and atrocities, injustice, exploitation done out of hatred in the framework of caste and religion, this is taking the Shudra and Atishudra i.e. the majority Bahujan community of this country backward from generation to generation, keeping them underdeveloped.

           At the same time, it should be recognized that the continuous work done by some social group to break the social power of OBC-SC-ST-minorities-liberated nomadic tribes-backward classes, under Bahujan society under sectarianism and casteism is a ploy to deprive the Bahujan society of their rights forever.

            Because the activities and activities carried out in the name of caste and religion are criminal and anti-national activities to sow hateful and poisonous thoughts in the minds of the citizens and youths of the Bahujan community and keep them always inciting against each other, “Citizens and youths of the Bahujan community, from injustice-tyranny and exploitative casteism and sectarianism. You should keep yourself away.

In which there is no bright future for oneself in the work and in the work, there is no satisfaction and peace in the work and in the work, there is no heart-touching feeling that creates brotherhood among each other in the work and there is no sensitive action that does justice to all the citizens of the country, there is no planning that advances and uplifts each other, each other It should be noted that if there is no ideological depth to support the citizens of the village-taluka-district-state-country by understanding the neighbours, the citizens of India have not yet understood the meaning of freedom and freedom of expression, ideally human.

               After 75 years of India’s independence and 73 years of democratic India, “If we look at the murders, atrocities, injustice and exploitation in the country under caste and religion discrimination, some political leaders and some social leaders of this country, their workers are in the mindset of letting the citizens of the country live in peace and contentment. It is clear that it is not.

         This is why the citizens and youth of the country should stay away from such bigoted and communalist leaders and their social movements and political parties.

           If the purpose of some political, religious and social leaders of the country is not to bring peace in the country, if they do not want to allow the citizens of the country to be happy and prosperous through mutual harmony, to whom and where should we ask?

            If the rulers of the country are giving direct and indirect strength to the forces of capitalism, bigotry and communal mentality, then the future of India and the citizens of India cannot be considered to be profound. At the same time, their freedom and freedom of expression is not secure.

        Therefore, it cannot be said that the history experts of the country and the world and the heads of state power in the country and the world do not need to focus on the interests of the people of India.