Supreme ban on treason means treason…  — 160 percent of the crime of treason was used to curb the opposition.


 Pradeep Ramteke

    Chief Editor

           Sedition is a law that prohibits illegal activities. The main objective of this law is to curb terrorist activities. The police and investigative agencies of the country identify terrorist, criminal and suspicious activities that are included in terrorism cases under the Sedition Act.

           However, since the BJP government came to power in the country in 2014, the definitions of the words terrorist and terrorist have changed. Many people of the BJP and Prime Minister Narendra Modi used to call the opposition as urban naxalites, Pakistani interests, and by pushing the citizens of the country into a state of confusion. Many organizations fighting against or against the government used to create an atmosphere of contradiction in the country, against the office-bearers-activists and against the journalists who asked questions based on the truth.

            According to this Mahola, the central government and the state governments used to register crimes of sedition against many journalists of the country who spoke and wrote against it, leaders of opposition parties, and officials of social and other organizations, activists and Adivasis, Muslims, citizens of other communities who fought for their rights and they were accused of sedition for years. He was kept in jail without bail.

         The use of the words Urban Naxalites seems to have increased a lot in recent times. Urban Naxalites are people who plant terrorist ideas in cities and rural areas.

However, in recent times, “Journalists, leaders of many parties, officials of many organizations, activists, tribals and Muslims and citizens of other communities who speak and write against the anti-people decisions, roles, functions, duties and work of the central government and the state government have been declared as terrorists. And this kind of thing was not right in terms of national interest.

               But, if there is a situation that creates fear among the citizens of the country according to the law of sedition, the citizens of the country were very shocked and disturbed as this shocking type of the central government, state governments, their police system and investigation agencies started coming forward repeatedly without making peace with the opponents under the crime of sedition.

         Ideally, the Supreme Court was keeping a close watch on the misuse of this law, it can be seen from today’s decision.

160 percent cases of treason were registered during BJP’s central government. So far, police departments of various states, police departments of Union Territories and investigative agencies have succeeded in solving only 3 percent of the cases under treason. The rest of the accused were acquitted due to lack of evidence. are

           This means that this law seems to have been misused in various parts of the country for many reasons.

          From the year 1870, the British used to abuse the Sedition Act in the case of the Indian freedom struggle soldiers during independence and put them in jails, tortured them, and hanged them.

               And it should not be inappropriate that the Central Government, State Governments within the country are misusing the Sedition Act as per convenience in India during the period of independence.

         That is why the Supreme Court today stayed the Sedition Act and suggested that the Central Government should reconsider this Act and opened the way to bail the accused who are locked up in the jail under the offense of sedition.

            It is well known that the Sedition Act was overused since 2014.