Friends are seen dying…


      Bhagwat Borkar

 Social Worker/Poet..


           Sometimes when a topic is discussed by a friend, you remember that friend a lot and quickly look around where he is?

             No matter what the time, “how to live and how to behave, when discussing with him often, we would get the correct answer and the specific courage of living in the present would come to the fore.

          His voice, which respects and honors many people while living, is thought provoking.

             While drawing attention to independence and peace, he used to bring forward the meaning of life by describing the quality as “the ultimate victory in life”.

           A friend who takes great care not to offend anyone is longing to see him when he has been out of sight for days.

             No matter what someone says to my friend behind him, he is saying, “When understanding and misunderstanding are next to each other, if the conscience is alert, the harmony is right, and if the conscience is disturbed or doubtful, the harmony is improper.

          However, the result of right and wrong definitions can be good or bad.



           For some reason he left the house. If the occasion for discussing many issues of leaving the house was brought up in private, he was stunned with watery eyes saying, “Please sir! Please don’t comment.” did not feel

           After leaving home he was with me for eight days..but I didn’t see urmi in his behavior and I didn’t find any magnanimity.I realized how much his humility is worth a million during the days of his company.

         I was never seen among them.



       Many people may get angry, in their case, mentioning he, him, and other words in singular language, but it is certain that they will not get angry at all.

             His movement in political and social movements was very sensitive and preserved self-respect and identity. Ideally, he was unyielding.

         He has told by actions without talking how to plan office work. While explaining that every officer and employee is his friend, he focuses closely on the relationship between government-administration and society…

           Even today, all situations between them teach how to cultivate friendships.

            We must have seen friends and relatives moving away when there is a scary moment and time in someone’s life.

          However, the friendship between them that helps in any moment, time, time, in times of uncertainty is still visible…

            He was known for years, perhaps even today, as the friend who pulled friends out of obscurity.



       Don’t look!

            While he had many attributes and living wealth, he lost his glory and became a pauper.

          The level at that time of defaming him by doing many kinds of slander was terrible and horrible. I had no hope that he would survive in this period.

Many people did not keep him close during the time of destitution and ignorance.

         Even in such a situation, while spending time, he sometimes slept fasting and sometimes slept in the open. But he never spoke inappropriately about anyone.

         I will not say that their plight in difficult times, the tortures they suffered, are beyond comprehension. But I think it must be very painful for them to face so many problems and troubles and infamy at the same time.

             I understand that even today they are struggling.


 Watershed and discussion..

           Chimurla was sitting on a pond. Two strangers were discussing about him and I was listening with my ears.

              From their discussion, it was felt that they are dying many times while they are still alive, which means that they are still living very uncertain days.

          From his speech, I could also feel that I was looking at his dead and alive body.



        Many people along with me call him as Saheb. They will continue to call him as Saheb.

           He is currently working in the field of journalism. He is recognized as a fearless, impartial, self-respecting and anonymous journalist.

            Wish them all the best to get back to success…

        (Apologies for knowingly not allowing his name to appear in the foreword.)