Whose responsibility is it to curb the illegal business?  — How do they do it?  – The society is yours, you belong to the society?  — “The eye of this,…  — your protection?


 (special foreword)

    Pradeep Ramteke

    Chief Editor

             Although Gadchiroli district is legally alcohol free, there are reports of local and foreign liquor being sold in this district and Moh Phul liquor being sold in places in the district.

            Ideally, the speculators in the district have started the speculation business in their respective places and the public has the opinion that their illegal business is booming. Of course, the poor people talk and say about the illegal business.

             That is why men and youths are turning towards these two illegal professions and they are becoming victims of financial loss under these two professions. Ideally, the male class and the youth class of the civilized society are seen to be ruined in thousands. has come forward.

              Even so, no one in Gadchiroli district and Vidarbha seems to be stepping forward to curb both businesses.

            “Since the above burning issue of illegal business is related to the public interest and public protection in Gadchiroli district and Vidarbha, the question is to the knowledgeable, wise, experienced, social workers and veteran representatives of Gadchiroli district and Vidarbha, when will we talk about illegal business for the benefit and protection of the people? And illegal business in Gadchiroli district. When will Sarsavanar proceed to deport from Vidarbha?

Because, “society is yours and you belong to the society, it will not be forgotten. That is why knowledgeable, intelligent, experienced, social workers, and women representatives are important parts of society security and it is true that these parts can better maintain and protect the society.

          Because of this, as said by Jagadguru Sant Tukaram Maharaj, “Are you aware that your own brothers and sisters are becoming addicts and your own brothers are being ruined due to addiction while looking at illegal activities or ignoring these activities?

             At the same time, the economic damage that is reaching thousands of families due to illegal business is disrupting and ruining the lives of millions. It is ruining the future of millions of young people.

               If the mind and innermost thoughts and roles of the citizens of every society are just and sensitive, then it should not be ignored that the responsible personality is becoming the basis of all the society and creating a place in the hearts and minds of all the citizens?

           Ideally, a new type of illegal businessmen are also starting to create their own sidekicks and brokers. It is a serious case that illegal businessmen are succeeding in keeping their business safe and protecting themselves through their sidekicks and brokers.

             Who will protect the society, the citizens of the society, the representatives of the people, the officers and employees of the administrative system, the wise-knowledgeable-experienced persons and the social workers, if the journalists and reporters suffer from illegal businessmen and their followers and brokers? This question is for the responsible government and administrative system?

          Will the duty of the persons responsible for the ruined society work?