What is a street thief?  — Roads, mud, soil, sand in Chimur Assembly Constituency started being stolen!…  — Why not put up a display board giving detailed information about road constructions under all the roads?  — That’s why mismanagement?


 Pradeep Ramteke

 Chief Editor

               Leader of Opposition in Legislative Assembly No.Vijaybhau Wadettiwar created a stir by indirectly referring MLA Kirti Kumar Bhangadia as road thief and royalty thief while guiding the concluding program of Jan Samswad Yatra.

              But what is a street thief? “This, the thousands of people present at the meeting did not know. But the types of street theft can be as follows.

           1) Non-construction of road according to rules, 2) Poor quality of road construction, 3) Narrowing of road construction, 4) Non-construction of road according to plan, 5) Non-construction of road at all…

               In Chimur Assembly Constituency, 1) National Highway Authority of India Office Gadchiroli, 2) Public Works Sub Divisional Engineer Office Chimur, 3) Executive Engineer Public Works Office Nagbhid, internal road constructions have been completed and some works are remaining.

            In this, 1) Shankarpur-Amboli-Bhisi-Jamgaon-Chimur-Masal-Palsgaon-Piparda-Shiwani to Sindewahi. 2) Bhisi-Ambeneri-Jambulghat-Rampur-Neri. 3) Chimur-Neri-Motegaon-Pendhari-Nwargaon. 4) Chimur-Neri-Shirpur-Bodhli-Yenapur-Talodhi (Ba.). 5) Chimur-Neri-Motegaon-Kajalsar-Lohara-Navtala-Doma-Kitali-Shankarpur consists of five major road construction.

At the time of starting all road constructions, the “Construction Construction” signboard is nowhere to be seen posted by the road construction contractor company owners.

              In relation to actual road construction, it is necessary to put up visible boards in the place giving detailed information. If the visible boards of road construction were in place, it would have been known directly under which office and under which plan the road constructions have been approved and under which office the works are being done and in progress.

               Along with this, it would have been known how many kilometers the construction of the said road is and the concerned citizens would have known how much mineral metal and other materials are to be used for the said road per kilometer.

             As some works are being done under National Highways Authority of India office, Gadchiroli, while some works are being done by Public Works Divisional Engineer Office, Chimur and Executive Engineer Public Works Office, Nagbhid, opposition party and ruling party MLAs, private parties are not related with the contractor company owners who are building the said road. It cannot be said.

Ideally, there is strong experience that all the road construction related information is not being given correctly under the said office.

                  Due to this, the Leader of the Opposition in the Vidhan Sabha vijaybhau wadettiwar has put in the bouquet what motives he said, “road thief” and paved the way for public discussion…

            However, the people of Chimur Vidhan Sabha constituency have started talking that if there has been any kind of road theft in Chimur Assembly Constituency, it is a serious type and there is scope to say that corruption of lakhs of rupees must have taken place in connection with road construction.

               According to the Leader of the Opposition in the Vidhan Sabha Na.Vijaybhau Wadettiwar, since the type of road theft in Chimur assembly constituency is highly sensitive and very serious, giving importance to his public statement, the National Highway Authority of India office Gadchiroli and the Minister of Public Works of Maharashtra State should appoint a team of experts to conduct an in-depth investigation and road theft. must be brought out.

             The common people are now starting to discuss in a loud voice that action should be taken against the culprits who are found related to the construction of all these roads.