“Soft, warm and shameless politician…         — Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar

            In the case of politicians of all political parties in the period of 2024, the above definition which Dr. What Babasaheb Ambedkar did is worthwhile..!


       A statesman (Rangel in the diplomacy of sam, dam, danda and bheda) cannot become a philosopher, but a philosopher can be made a politician on political theory….”

  — Socrates (Greek philosopher)

          “Let us consult both the above philosophies in this article…

        Before independence, General Dyer fired at Jallianwala Bagh in Punjab and martyred many freedom fighters….!

          It is pronounced by our political leaders every year in their 15th August speech.

         However, in 1984 Bhopal air disaster, 15,000 people died in their sleep in one night. Many were permanently disabled. The owner of the company responsible was deported to his homeland by the then Chief Minister Arjun Singh. After 32 years, when the verdict (not justice) of this incident was given by the Supreme Court, that too by giving a small monetary fine and imprisonment…..!

     If we consider both the above accidents in comparison, what do we notice?

          I don’t need to say this.

         Similarly, Jaga Poshinda of this country has been protesting in the capital for one and a half years against the oppressive 3 Agrarian Act passed by the Parliament for their right to justice.

The central government here is nailing them on the streets and inciting the movement. But, without any discussion, they crush and kill more than 700 farmers to defeat the movement…………!

     What kind of democracy is this?

      What freedom is this?

      Which president is this?

       Which Prime Minister is this?

       Which opposition party?

        Which court is this…..?

        Which nation is this…?

 (which cannot go on the road against this)

 What kind of journalism is this?

      (which cannot speak or write a single word against the Govt.)

      What is the public’s sense of injustice?

        The reason and answer to all the above questions is hidden in both the above philosophies!

        Because we (140 crore people) during the year 2024, due to petty selfishness of the leaders of all these political parties, blinded by ego and blind devotion, Vibhuti Puja was brought into full swing. Because of this, we have pushed this democracy and constitution into ICU……!

          As the polling fever gets closer to us, we get carried away by emotion and give in to some temptation without any thought and press the button once.

But why did we change on the last day the firm decision that we had taken a month ago to vote for whom?

    We don’t have a proper answer to this at all.

   Why does this happen?

    When will we think about it?

      This is one of the main reasons why democracy has not taken root in our country in the last 75 years.

        For one thing, people have lost faith in democracy. We are also the cause of that. Because elections coming in five years means democracy…

      And the constitution has been created only to take advantage of reservation…..!

       We (140 crore people) have got such a misunderstanding…

         Moreover, our caste, our clan, our creed, our religion, our society is the narrow mindedness that is attacking us…..

       This is the benefit of our mentality and the politicians here are proving to make us their slaves again for 5 years….!

         Our intelligentsia is also ready to become a slave of this system…

      So in just 75 years we are running at corona speed towards slavery.

         Had we not enshrined the great men in the memorials of caste, and proved their ideological heritage as followers through practice, this time would certainly not have come upon us.

       Every citizen of our country is a follower of some religion or the other. Similarly, he is a follower of some political party. Similarly, there is a supporter of some political leader!

But, humanism, philosophers and great men, and the constitution having no one left, all this is due to the fact that it is a child.

         Our miserable condition of living and dying and living and dying have found us in a dark future!

         Either our right to vote has been taken away by EVM and the system of democracy has been shut down.

       But still we have the shame of pressing the button of this EVM.

        Hence, this is one of the main reasons for the decline in voter turnout. Moreover, what is the guarantee that whoever we vote for will remain in the same party?

    Therefore, the percentage of votes seems to have decreased.

       Today, in the period of 2024, the financial debt situation of the country and all the states, frightening environment in all sectors, inflation and unemployment have become a habit…..!

         On the whole, the main reason for all this is that all the responsible elements of the democracy i.e. MLAs, Khasdars and Namdars have not deliberately used diplomacy to make the people aware of their right to justice. It took advantage of this ignorance of the masses and the dry arrogance of caste religion. A person sitting on the post of President should at least be a philosopher rather than a political party (with the exception of Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam). Even in the judicial process, the collegium system provides representation to certain classes (although other minorities do, but they have to mortgage their conscience for it).

In today’s times, journalism feels blessed to be an eunuch without succumbing to the government’s pressure or bait and not taking the justice side of the people!

        In other words, when considered in a summary form, today’s country is backward in all sectors. The reason for that is only and only we (140 crore people)…….!

         This will eventually lead to a gap between the rich and the poor. It means economic inequality.

       Which led to the bloodiest revolutions of human rights in the history of the world!

         This should never happen in our country but anywhere in the world.

           Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar fought for the country all his life through sacrifice and dedication, “created the Constitution of India…..

          But, in just 75 years, we have not turned a page in terms of its implementation, so this is our (the people’s) condition.

       On the contrary, the slogan of Ab Ki Bar 400 Parcha is being given on the strength of EVM, holding hands with Changu-Mangu of RSS to implement the new Constitution of India, which has been made diplomatically convenient, without opening it.

        So everyone is of the opinion that this should not happen in this 2024 period. But if that happens…

     So what will we (the people) do……?

         And even if it doesn’t happen, and even if the government of the opposition party comes, we have been sleeping or sleeping for the last 75 years in terms of constitutional awareness. Will you do the same again?

         “I will not sit still,

       Because this country, this constitution, this democracy, is mine and I am theirs. After all, I am an Indian first and foremost…

 “By conduct…


          Anant kerbaji Bhavare

   Constitution Analyst,Aurangabad, Renapurkar, 7875452689…