The system Court, Election Commission, CBI, CAG, RBI Governor, Parliament, Journalism, State Governments and EVMs hijacked by RSS Modi-Shah diplomacy gave hydrogen bomb shocks to the world’s largest democracy.

       “Even though the opposition is unexpectedly relieved, the sword still hangs.

            Because in the last ten years, what work did Modi-Shah do for the benefit of the people and the country, so they are managing the country for the third time.?

         (1) How much money did the Swiss bank bring and deposit 15 lakh rupees in each account..? Why did you bring it and put it in your own account?

      (2) Giving 2 crore jobs every year….20 crore jobs in ten years?

        (3) In the first five years from 2014 to 2019, he walked around the world with his legs crossed. Which global economy is used in the country?

     (4) Privatization started by deciding to close 62000 government schools in Maharashtra as per New Education Policy.

 (5) Created the rich-poor gap with the help of entrepreneurs while education and health were free.

 (6) It is not necessary to specify who benefited from demonetisation.

 (7) Enacted many agrarian laws against the peasants and for the benefit of the capitalists. The farmers forced to withdraw the laws by sacrificing 750 brothers.

 (8) The announcement that every family in the country will live in its own pakka house till 15th August 2022 i.e. the anniversary year of the country’s independence was aired.

 (9) Not a single member of the Council of Ministers and himself has held or given a press conference in ten years.

 (10) As much as the total debt of the country till 2013, the same amount of debt was incurred in just 10 years…

      (11) Railways, airlines, airports were sold to capitalists by closing the separate budget of railways.

 (12) To mislead the public, the Ram Mandir was built in Ayodhya and inaugurated by himself in an incomplete state, holding hands with the Supreme Court. Violation of the Constitution by awarding Rajya Sabha membership to the same Chief Justice after his retirement.

 (13) Construction of Central Vista without any need at the cost of 20,000 crore rupees during the financial crisis of Corona, by inaugurating it with the hands of saffron holders without inviting the President, by using the national emblem of Sengol, a religious symbol, was the first direct attack on the Constitution itself.

 (14) In the Constitution, the word secular was removed and the word secular was inserted.

 (15) The rupee was 60 rupees in 2013 against the dollar, and has reached 83 rupees today.

 (16) China invaded our territory and grabbed our part, but the central government is silent on it.

 (17) Self-inflicted and blamed Pakistan for the Pulwama attack. This was alleged by the governor of his own party.

    (18) Adani conspired to oust Ambani from Manipur by creating ethnic tension among the tribals in order to give them natural mineral wealth. When he realized that they were not moving, he incited violence among them and took the position of watcher. Manipur was burning for 8 months. Over 150 of the two half-daughters of martyred jawans in Kargil were raped naked by the mob. However, the state government there and the central government took the role of a bystander. Then the CJI had to take over the role himself and the police administration of another state had to handle the situation. However, our Prime Minister still could not visit Manipur despite his efforts. When the world took notice of this. At the international level, when human rights violations were raised, and the opposition demanded to speak in parliament. Where did Modi speak vaguely?

 (19) 146 MPs were forced out of parliament in Yenken style and passed important bills.

 (20) 75% of US MPs boycotted Modi’s last speech at the White House in the US after the Manipur burning incident.

 (21) When the state governments of the country were functioning well, they formed their governments using all policies to have only their own power there. Maharashtra is a good example.

 (22) Hitler’s policy of exterminating opponents was used to the full by him. However, Hitler’s ideal of good qualities was not adopted. At Hitler’s own personal expense…” My Struggle

 It used to be paid from the royalties of the books written.

         Here, however, 10/10 lakh jackets are changed daily…..!

        (23) His ambition to become the sole owner of the country was not understood by us (the public) and the opponents. When it was understood, the water had flowed under the bridge. Moreover, since we and the opposition are democrats and constitutionalists, we have fallen short in stopping the wind of Modi-Shah, as there is a Mount Everest of ethics before us. Modi-Shah and RSS have taken advantage of this and have made the last move to convert democracy into dictatorship.

 (24) The last exit poll was resorted to to make the Ab Ki Baar 400 Par slogan a success with print and electronic media joining hands.

 (25) Overall, in the last ten years, the values of freedom, equality, justice and fraternity in the constitution were imposed in the name of religion, and the conspiracy was made to make the people mentally and physically enslaved by establishing power in the name of Hindu nation and ending the constitution and democracy forever.

 (There are many such examples, here are 25 important ones)

        “Now everyone should ask their own sanity that how Modi-Shah (BJP) managed to reach 240, that too for a hat-trick.

       This means clearly that the efforts of the Central Election Commission, the Supreme Court, the opposition, the public, the lawyers and the opposition to the EVMs have been overturned and the attempt to give a tilt to the BJP is complete.

            However, due to the vigilance of the opponents and the awareness of the people, their efforts were somewhat hampered, so their intentions could not be 100% successful. But the crisis is not over yet.

        For that, only and only the people have to throw religion and caste aside and consider the Constitution as the national book and do the work of creating awareness about the Constitution. For that, the responsibility will be on the educated youth.

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         Anant kerbaji Bhavare 

 Constitution Analyst, Aurangabad, Renapurkar, 7875452689..